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Article Marketing System ? Do You Have Professional Article Marketing Plan? If Not You Are Leaving Thousands Dollars On The Table

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Article marketing system starts with professional article marketing plan. If you don’t still have a proper article promotion plan, then you are likely leaving thousands dollars on the table. So start creating your article marketing plan by reading this article about how to plan article marketing. 

Here are 3 Steps to Creating Professional Article Marketing Plan:

1.    Define Niches.  

Intensive article marketing should include several campaigns at a time. Therefore first you have to determine several niches for promotion. Do some research and find out the most profitable niches to start with. 


2.    Determine The Amount Of Articles You Will Write For Each Niche.

Many bum marketers decide to write at least 30 articles for each affiliate product to test how profitable it is. Some article marketers might write 50 articles per product for the first time. So determine in advance your own article marketing system – how many articles you are going to write and submit per niche.     

3.    Determine Daily Schedule All In Detail

After the above mentioned 2 steps of article marketing plan, it is easier to create an exact daily schedule describing all details like: the number of articles to be written per day, the volume of daily article submission, the exact time of distribution, the list of article directories, and the lasting time of each article marketing campaign. 


Article marketing system is quite complicated and can done properly only in case if you act according to professional article marketing plan. In this way, you will double or even triple your daily and monthly income through only article promotion. 

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