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Marketing How To: Five Robust Web Analytics Tools

Marketing How To: Five Robust Web Analytics Tools

The Web Analytics Association defines the term “web analytics” as “measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage”.

Successful internet marketers spend a substantial amount of time in analyzing the performance of their website or blog. Here is an overview of the top five web analytics tools which are recommended by marketing how to experts.

Google Analytics

This enterprise class web analytics tool helps you to measure your advertising ROI. It also enables you to track your Flash, video and social networking sites. It provides you rich insights into your web traffic and marketing effectiveness.

This powerful tool is flexible and easy to use. The tool’s innovative features help you to write targeted ads and create websites with high conversion rates. For instance it shows you how your visitors reached your website.


This open source analytics software is easy to download and use. This PHP MySQL software program allows you to build you own pulg-ins. It provides you detailed reports on your website visitors; like the keywords they used to reach your site, the search engines that directed them to your site, popular pages in your website, etc. Its real time web analytics reports are popular among many successful internet marketers.

Crazy Egg

This useful tool allows you to see what parts of your site the visitors are finding more interesting. Its features help you to improve your website design and conversion rate. Crazy Egg is easy to set up and use. The tool’s Confetti and Heatmap features are very popular among successful internet marketers.


This web analytics tool is offered by Adobe Systems. The tool helps you identify the behavior of your visitors. The solutions are available both on demand and on premise.

Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics is a free web analytics tool which provides insight into the demographics and category interests of your visitors. The tool’s campaign management features and flexible dashboards have made analysis easy and effective.

Effective utilization of a web analytics tool is the key to online marketing success.



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