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Marketing How To: Compel The Public To Market Your Website

Marketing How To: Compel The Public To Market Your Website

Viral marketing or viral advertising is hugely popular among successful online marketers. It is an explosive and a very profitable way of marketing your brand. Viral marketing is defined as “The marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message”. The term “Viral” is used because the advertisement spreads like a virus. In a successful viral marketing campaign, your website address replicates effortlessly across the web.

People want to share good things that they come across on the Internet. The viral marketing works on this basic human tendency. Marketing how to experts suggest that before creating a viral marketing campaign, you have to ensure that it is something that you would pass on to others if were the receiver. It has to be compelling.

Successful online marketers ensure that their viral marketing campaigns are informative and entertaining. Marketing how to experts recommend that you highlight the benefits of your product instead of just listing the features in your advertisement. It is a good idea to include an element of humor. It is very important to ensure that your company’s logo and the website address are prominent in the viral marketing advertisement.

Each and every time some one shares your advertisement, your website address and your company logo goes with it. This goes a long way in improving your brand recognition and in getting more page views to your website. Marketing how to experts suggest that you prepare for growth before launching your viral marketing campaign. You need to ensure that your web hosting account can handle a high traffic and your merchant account is ready for increase in sales. Otherwise your campaign may result in customer dissatisfaction.

Marketing how to experts suggest that you make the content of your website sharable. For instance you may allow your visitors to embed a funny video in your website onto their blogs. Or you may allow them to email the article to their friend by just entering the email address.

Marketing how to experts suggest that you offer a free branded ebook to everyone who would visit their website. Here again it is very important to ensure that the website address and the company logo are prominently displayed on the ebook.

The content of the ebook should add value to its readers. It may be information on your products or services, general information about the technology behind your products, information about the industry or information on how best to use your products.

It is important to prompt the visitors to act. Encourage them to download the ebook and to share it with others. Offer an incentive for sharing your ebook. It may be another ebook. Use your viral marketing campaign to capture contact information of your visitors. Marketing how to experts use various tools like Viral Friend Generator and Tell a Friend Pro to help them in their viral marketing efforts.

Marketing how to experts use multiple forms of media like podcasts, videos, articles and press releases to attract traffic. Contests, freebies and games are other viral marketing techniques used by successful online marketers.

People are looking for entertainment in today’s stressful environment. This is a great opportunity for you. If they find something worthwhile in your campaign, they will definitely share with their friends and relatives. It is very important to track the performance of you viral marketing campaign. If you observe decrease in traffic, you may have to replace the content (ebook, game or contest). It is a good idea to create sequels to successful campaigns.

According to marketing how to experts, viral marketing can increase your sales by leaps and bounds. Many online marketers are using the above mentioned tips and are enjoying immense benefits form their viral marketing campaigns.