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Marketing How To: Five Essential Apps for You Sales Team

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Marketing How To: Five Essential Apps for You Sales Team

Sales team plays a major role in the success of an organization. Sales people need to be organized in order to succeed in this competitive global market. They need to perform their activities with great efficiency. Technology helps them a great deal in this endeavor.

Here is a brief overview of five useful online and mobile applications which are recommended by marketing how to experts. These apps help increase the efficiency and productivity of your sales team.


This is the best business card scanning software in the market. It can be installed on iPhone and Android. This amazing app is much more than a card scanner, with more than 25 features. Regular card scanners usually come with three to five features.

37 Signals

This cloud-based application suite is efficient and easy to use. It is ideal for organizations with large sales teams. Its Highrise app helps your sales team to track deals. The free Whiteboard app is a popular document collaboration software.


This app will be useful for traveling sales people. TripIt is a trip planner that helps your sales team to keep all their travel plans in one spot. This amazing app works with iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. It enables the sales person to access reservations, maps and much more using his/her mobile device.


This call router liberates your sales team from your company landline. Grasshopper routes calls to any phone you choose. It enables you to automatically redirect a client’s call to your sales person’s mobile phone. Grasshopper enables your sales team to spend more time with your prospective customers on the field.

This software is free and easy to use. You need to register on the website using a name and an email address. After registration, you will be provided a dial-in number and access code for immediate phone conferencing. Your teleconferencing line will be available to you throughout the day, with each conference call account accommodating 96 callers. Marketing how to experts suggest that you use this service.

By using the above mentioned apps, your well equipped sales team will surely be far ahead of your competitors.

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