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Marketing How To: How is Marketing a Service Different from Marketing a Product

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Marketing How To: How is Marketing a Service Different from Marketing a Product

While marketing a service, you are trying to induce people to buy something intangible. That is the reason why marketing a service is usually more challenging than marketing a product.

Your prospective customer will buy from you if he/she feels that your service will be of value addition. Marketing efforts should revolve around convincing your prospective customer that your service will help him/her.

People usually prefer to pay for services rendered by a person or organization with good reputation and expertise. Marketing how to experts emphasize on the importance of highlighting your experience and expertise in the field. By doing so you are telling the customer, “Please don’t worry. We have a good reputation in the market. We have the expertise to deliver excellent service”.

In today’s competitive market, people find it very hard to decide which service to buy. They cannot “see”, “smell”, “listen to”, “taste” or “touch” your service. They have many brands to choose from. They usually take more time to decide before buying a service because it is not something which they can return very easily.

Positioning is the key to success in marketing a service. Positioning is nothing but creating an identity for your brand in the minds of your prospective customer.

Brand positioning process involves identifying your competitors; understanding how each of your competitors is positioning its brand; comparing your positioning to your competitors to identify your USP and developing a distinctive, differentiating and value-based brand positioning statement.

Once you have the statement ready, you need to communicate the same using various channels available, like billboards, television, newspapers, radio and the internet. It is very important to take your prospective customer through the experience of how your service will benefit them. This is the best way to convince them to buy from you.

After selling the service it is important to keep up your promise of excellent customer service. Marketing how to experts recommend that you train your staff on how to deliver excellent customer service at all levels. Customer complaints have to be resolved on the first call, as far as possible.

By implementing the above mentioned tips while marketing your service, you are sure to have an edge over your competition.