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Marketing How To: How to Choose the Right Product in ClickBank

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Marketing How To: How to Choose the Right Product in ClickBank

ClickBank is an online retail outlet which offers more than 50,000 digital products. More than 100,000 affiliate marketers are actively associated with this internet behemoth. Your success with ClickBank as an affiliate marketer depends to a great extent on the products you choose to sell.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right ClickBank product to promote

Decide on your target market

Before choosing a product, it is advisable that you are clear on whom to sell. Marketing how to experts choose a market which is related to their hobbies, skills, experience and passions.

There are many advantages of doing this. First of all you will know what you are talking about because you will have a good product knowledge. Your sales pages will be credible and persuasive. For instance if you love dogs, you may choose to promote pet food. If you have spent four years of your life studying software, you may choose to promote a software product.

Choose a product which is likely to solve someone’s problem

People search the internet to find solutions for various problems. For instance, a college student may be searching for a software program which would help to speed up his computer. After choosing your target market, it is advisable to choose such products which would help in solving peoples’ problems.

Choose products based on their “Gravity”

The gravity score of a ClickBank product represents its salesworthiness. Marketing how to experts choose products with a gravity of 30+. Any product below this score is not worth you time. Many people will be promoting products with a gravity score of more than 100. So there will be huge competition. If you intend to sell these products, it is advisable to work with other experts, in an endeavor to offer the best to your prospective customers.

Choose products with high commission percentage

It definitely makes sense to choose products which pay you good commissions (say more than 60 percent or $20 per sale). It does not make business sense to spend you time and efforts on selling a product which pays a commission of $1. What you earn has to cover for advertising and other expenses. Your venture should be profitable.

Check the sales page

Spend some time going through the vendor’s sales page. Check if is credible and persuasive. Use Google to research on the product. Check for presentation and language. You will have an idea of the professionalism of the vendor by going through the sales page.

Choosing the right product will definitely improve your chances of success as an affiliate marketer. Marketing how to experts are earning millions by implementing the above mentioned techniques while choosing ClickBank products.



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