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Marketing How To: How to Convince Google That You Are a Robust, Ethical and Dedicated Brand

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Marketing How To: How to Convince Google That You Are a Robust, Ethical and Dedicated Brand

Two billion people use internet regularly all over the world. Most of them use Google to search for information. Google is the leader in the search engine segment. For the success of your online venture, you need to rank high in Google.

Google will reward those brands which offer value to its users. Here are a few tips on how to convince Google that you are a strong online brand.

Targeting keywords in your anchor text is a good way to improve the rankings. It is also advisable to use your brand name. Linking in this way reinforces the fact that your site offers a brand. Google is more likely to treat your site favorably. However it is important to continue anchor text linking.

Marketing how to experts suggest that you increase the amount of search conducted around your brand name. Google likes brands which are searched by many people. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus offer a great opportunity to improve your brand’s online presence. You also need to use offline media to entice people to seek more information about your brand on the internet.

Another effective way to convince Google that your brand is popular is to get mentions of your brand on the internet. Every time someone mentions your brand on the internet, the popularity of your brand increases. However it is important that your brand appears in a reputed website.

To increase the number of times your brand is mentioned, it is advisable to distribute online press releases using the services of websites like marketing how to experts recommend that you use your brand name in the title and the text of the press release. Use your brand name while participating in various forums. Use your brand name in backlinks on high page rank article directories.

Google is likely to pay more attention to good online brands in an endeavor to rid its SERPS of increasing levels of spam on the web. Marketing how to experts assure you that if you can come across as a good brand, you are likely to benefit. The above mentioned tips will definitely help you convince Google that your website is worthy of being considered as a reliable brand.

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