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Marketing How To: How to Create and Deliver Winning Sales Presentations

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Marketing How To: How to Create and Deliver Winning Sales Presentations

Sales persons all over the world find it challenging to grab and retain the attention of their prospective customers while delivering a sales presentation. During sales presentations, it is not unusual to find some members of the audience absolutely clueless about what is happening.

Here are some tips on how to win over your prospective customers through effective sales presentations.

Human beings have two ears and one mouth. It may be an indication that we have to speak less and listen more. Some sales persons make the mistake of talking too much during their sales presentations.

Marketing how to experts suggest that you use this opportunity to ask questions and to listen to the needs of your prospective customers. Of course it is important to introduce yourself, your company and your products or services, but it is more important to keep it brief.

Your presentation should be interactive. Jared Reitzin, founder of mobileStorm, says, “Nothing is more annoying than when someone is pitching you, and it’s all about them, their products,”. Marketing how to experts suggest that you open your presentation with a hint that it would be interactive. You may use open ended questions after a brief introduction.

It is important to be spontaneous while delivering your presentation; however, that does not mean that you should be unprepared. Marketing how to experts recommend that you be prepared with a logical flow. It is a good idea to practice your presentation with a good colleague. You need to ensure that you have covered all the points clearly and concisely.

Good sales people spend considerable amount of time in understanding their prospective customers. There are many ways to do so. If you are selling to a business, spend some time on your prospective customers’ website to understand their business.

This will help you in positioning your product or service as a solution to their problems. Your prospective customer will buy from you if he/she is convinced that your product or service will help in solving their problems.

Some sales persons make the mistake of assuming that a business presentation should be a serious affair. Of course you need to convey your commitment during the presentation, but you need to be creative and energetic while doing so. It is very important to make it an entertaining and interactive affair. It is by far the best way to grab and retain the attention of your audience.

Use of visual aids like slides, handouts and brochures conveys professionalism; however, it is important to consciously avoid using visual aids as a crutch. Successful salespersons do not depend too much on them to sell. Marketing how to experts suggest that you use visual aids to highlight the USP of your product or service.

In spite of implementing the above mentioned steps while delivering your sales presentation, you may not get a sale. But it is important to take this opportunity to establish the next step in the sales process, depending on the situation. It is important to never give up. Patience and persistence are the keys to success.

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