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Marketing How To: How to Get Repeat Business

Marketing How To: How to Get Repeat Business

The cost of acquiring a new customer has increased considerably in the last few years. Businesses which were profitable in the recent past were those which did well in customer retention. The cost of acquiring a new customer is more than the cost of retaining an existing customer. Higher customer retention rates inevitably result in repeat business.

It takes a lot of effort to create loyal customers. In the current competitive global market, it is very important to deliver excellent customer service consistently; and you need to stay in touch with your customer.

It is indeed a challenge to meet increased customer expectation. Successful marketers strive to create and maintain a personal connection with their customers. One way of doing this is to keep track of important events in the lives of your customers and to celebrate those events.

For instance you may send a small gift on your major customer’s birthday or anniversary. This will definitely have a huge positive impact and your customer is more likely to increase loyalty. You may send greetings during festivals. Websites like enables you to keep track of important dates and to send emails automatically.

Today’s world is cluttered with products and services. Unfortunately some of them are frauds. Today’s customer is aware and wary of scams. People are more comfortable doing business with companies which are transparent. If you are selling a service, it is advisable to involve the customer at various stages of service delivery.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is not enough to sell the product or service. You need to stay in touch with your customer. It is very important to know how happy your customer is with your product or service.

This can be achieved by encouraging your customers of offer feedback. It is a good idea to create a blog, where your customers may leave their feedback. Social media websites help you a great deal in staying in touch with your customer. Engage your customers in websites like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile phone usage has increased in the recent past all over the world, and this trend is bound to continue. Over 5.6 billion people use mobile phones worldwide. You are more likely to get repeat business by reaching out to your existing customers through their mobile phones. Send offers to your customers’ mobile phones.

Marketing how to experts suggest that you run loyalty programs. These are very effective in retaining customers. The keys to success in a loyalty program are customer engagement and effective communication.

It is indeed a challenge to create loyal customers; however, it can be easily achieved by implementing the above mentioned tips.