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Marketing How To: How to Improve the Click-Through Rate of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Marketing How To: How to Improve the Click-Through Rate of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email is a great way to market your products or services. It takes you nearer to your prospective customers than your website or blog. Successful internet marketers strive to get the best out of their email marketing campaigns.

The success of an email marketing campaign is indicated by the CTR (click-through rate). Click-through rate of less than 2 percent is considered poor and requires your immediate attention. Here are a few tips by marketing how to experts on how to improve the CTR.

Marketing how to experts advise against having pre-checked boxes. Always have unchecked boxes, which allows users to check to opt-in to your email list. Be very clear about the content of the emails you intend to send to your subscribers. They should not what to expect. Never ever include people in the mailing list without their permission.

Your prospective customer “becomes” your customer step by step. It is inevitable that they go through the sales funnel. Marketing how to experts emphasize on the importance of taking good care of them at each and every step. You need to motivate them to take the next step by providing incentives at each and every stage.

It starts with the subject line. A good subject line should be catchy and such that it should grab the attention of your prospective customer. After reading the subject line, the person should want to read the entire email.

According to marketing how to experts, the subject line should not be more than say 40 characters. Ensure that the message is useful and unique. It would be great if you can incorporate a sense of urgency.

Avoid the word “free” in the subject line, as it triggers spam filters. It is advisable to avoid “help”, “reminder” and “percent off”. These are found to have a negative impact on your email campaign.

Marketing how to experts recommend that you adapt a simple design. You may include one image of your product, if it is appropriate. Stick to the point. Your readers will be bored if you beat around the bush. Your email should not take more than 30 seconds to read.

Ensure that the links (text and graphic) are visible. According to marketing how to experts, the more the links, the better it is for your email campaign. Give more opportunities for your prospective customers to visit your landing page. Ensure that the email is sent at the right time. A Christmas related promotional mail should not go in the month of July.

Marketing how to experts recommend that you should not give all the information in the body of the email. Your email should not be your webpage. The content should be a teaser, and should motivate the readers to visit your site. If you give all the information in the email, your readers will not have any reason to visit your website.

The body of the email should have a strong call to action. Tell them what to do next. Marketing how to experts suggest that you offer a deadline; as it is a great way to motivate people to act. Including one strong call to action towards the end of the email is found to be most effective.

You may offer a discount to motivate them to act immediately. Marketing how to experts are of the opinion that a good value proposition goes a long way in improving the click-through rate. Your subject line, your headline and the opening paragraph should offer value to your customer.

By incorporating the above mentioned tips into your email marketing campaign, you can easily achieve click-through rates of more than 15 percent.