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Marketing How To: How to Improve Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

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Marketing How To: How to Improve Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay-per-click (popularly known as PPC) is a sponsored online advertising program that is used on a wide range of websites. Here the advertisers need to pay only if some one clicks on their ads. PPC is a very good way to get targeted traffic quickly.

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords offer PPC programs. Marketers specify an amount they are willing to pay for each click. They also indicate where they would want their advertisements to appear.

It is similar to an auction. The marketer who bids the most for a targeted keyword receives the most exposure. The system sounds simple, and it indeed is; however, not many advertisers have succeeded in this. That is because they make some basic mistakes.

Here are some tips on how to improve the performance of a PPC campaign.

Marketing how to experts suggest that you avoid “broad match” keywords. If you set all keywords as “broad match”, you ad will appear not only for your chosen keyword phrase, but also for similar phrases or relevant variations your advertising program deems appropriate.

Broad match placements no doubt increase your exposure, but they are more likely to attract irrelevant traffic. It is important to remember that PPC campaigns cost you money and you need to focus on making the most of them.

It is advisable to separate search (PPC ads that appear in search query results) and content (websites that display PPC ads as blocks within their pages) ad placements. Internet marketing newbies usually select both the search and content keywords while setting up their PPC campaign.

They use the same keywords, payment amount and ad content for each click. The specific queries and websites that trigger your content network placements can be different than what yields results on the search network.

For this reason, it is definitely not advisable to run the same ads on both networks. It will result in irrelevant placements. Marketing how to experts suggest that you tailor your keywords, keyword bids and ad copy for each network. There is no doubt that it takes more time and effort, but it is better than losing money.

Some internet marketing newbies do not use negative keywords. This option enables you to specify where your ad should not be displayed. Marketing how to experts recommend that you use negative keywords.

It is always advisable to direct the visitors who click your ad to your landing page. It is important to ensure that you are not sending your visitor to irrelevant landing page. It not only affects you sales, but also results in lower ad quality scores.

It is important to maintain a high ad quality score. Advertisers with a high ad quality score will pay lesser for each click and will receive more exposure than advertisers with low ad quality score. Marketing how to experts suggest that you decrease the number of keywords. This helps in making your landing page more relevant.

It is always advisable to make all efforts to reach your target market. Some PPC accounts allow you to specify who sees your ads. You can set up an ad group for each country. Use the micro-geographic targeting features for better results. If you know the your ads will generate more conversions at a particular time of the day, set them to run during that time.

Thorough analysis is the key to success in any PPC campaign. Test different versions of your ad in order to see which works best. PPC platforms allow you to set up split tests that rotate different ads for each of your targeted keywords.

Google Analytics is a very good tool to analyze the performance of your PPC campaigns and is highly recommended by marketing how to experts. It helps you to know which clicks are resulting in sales. It enables you to track which ads led visitors to your page and which visits resulted in sales.

It is true that PPC is the best way to get instant traffic, but it takes time, effort and patience to succeed. By implementing the above mentioned tips, you are more likely to get more bang for you buck.

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