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Marketing How To: How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Using Pingler

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Marketing how to: How to improve your search engine ranking using pingler

More than 2 billion people are using the internet all over the world. And internet usage has grown at a mind boggling rate (480.4 percent during the period 2000 – 2011), and continues to grow.

Thanks to advancement in technology, people in the remote corners of the world can access the internet (Penetration 30.2 percent). The penetration rate is also an indication that the number of internet users will only increase.

People all over the world are using search engines to get information on the internet. The challenge here is to get them to visit your website, thereby increasing its traffic. That is the reason why marketing how to experts suggest that you constantly focus on securing higher ranking for your website or blog in search engines like Google.

Successful internet marketers invest their time and energy in finding and implementing tools which help them in improving their PageRank. Pingler is one such tool, which is very popular among successful internet marketers due to its quality service and ease of use.

Pingler is a leading SEO tool which helps you to improve the ranking of your website or blog in various search engines. Engineers at Pingler have devised a unique method of pinging (or notifying) various servers about changes to your website or blog. This prompts search engine bots to visit your website, thereby improving the ranking at a faster pace.

Pingler provides various plug-ins and browser add-ons to facilitate automatic pinging. The WordPress Pingler plug-in enables you to automatically ping new posts to various websites and blogs. This is a great way to notify various search engines that you are keeping your content fresh. Google prefers websites with fresh content.

Pingler dashboard is intuitive. It is very easy to use this tool. After logging in, you need to type in the URLs of the sites you want pinged and select “ping my site”. You will be redirected to a page which displays which search engines were pinged.

Pingler’s add-on for Firefox enables you to ping any page on-the-fly. If you want to ping a page, you need to just click on the Pingler icon on the browser. The URL of the page will be sent to Pingler, and will be pinged automatically on your behalf.

Pingler offers free and paid service. Free usage it limited to 5 pings per day. Paid users get more number of pings, depending on their package. Similar Pingler add-ons are available for IE and Safari users.

Pingler is a very effective ping utility; and is indeed a webmaster’s delight. Marketing how to experts recommend this tool. By using this amazing tool, your website is sure to overtake your competitors’ in the race towards the coveted “No 1” position.