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Marketing How To: How to Make the Most of Google Adwords with Campaign Cloning

Marketing How To: How to Make the Most of Google Adwords with Campaign Cloning

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising product which offers PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, CMP (cost-per-thousand) advertising and site-targeted advertising for text, banner and rich media ads.

Google AdWords program includes local, national and international distribution. Its text advertisements are short. They are comprised of one headline with 25 characters, and two additional text lines with 35 characters each.

The key to success in Google AdWords is to approach the data as granularly as possible. By doing so you are more likely to discover many opportunities to optimize your account. It is much better than just staring at aggregate statistics.

By approaching the data as granularly as possible, you will bid more intelligently, thereby achieving greater margins. Campaign cloning is a powerful strategy which is used by many successful marketers.

It can be used to separate traffic by network, to separate search traffic by match type, to separate traffic by gender, to separate display traffic by ad type, to separate traffic by region, to separate traffic by device or to separate traffic by country.

AdWords Editor is a free Google application which helps you to manage your advertisement campaigns. It is very easy to clone a campaign using this application. The basic practice is to slice and dice. That is funneling search and display network into separate campaigns.

For example you may take a search network campaign and clone it for the display network. You need to begin by clicking the campaigns tab. This will display all the campaigns in your account.

Select the campaign you intend to clone from the list. Right click and choose copy. This will create a copy of the campaign, which will be visible in the list. Rename the newly copied campaign and change the network settings.

Highlight the newly renamed campaign by clicking on the row. You will see the properties window below the campaign list. Change the settings for the clone. Set search network to none and display network to “Relevant pages across the network”. Post the changes to your account.

Logout of your AdWords account and login again. You will see the new campaign, which will be a mirror of the existing campaign. However, while the original campaign would be targeting the search, the cloned campaign would be targeting the display network.

The process of cloning a campaign will not take more than a minute. It is that simple. However it will be effective it there is enough traffic to justify splitting it into multiple campaigns.


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