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Marketing How To: How to Optimize for Mobile Email

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Marketing How To: How to Optimize for Mobile Email

More than five billion people use mobile phones all over the world. Many of these users use smartphones and many people using basic mobile phones intend to replace it with a smartphone very soon. Around 44 percent of US mobile subscribers use smartphones (as per a study by Nielsen).

Smartphone usage is set to explode. Time spend on a smartphone by an average adult in theUnited Statesis greater than the time spent on print media. Smartphones are here to stay.

The result of increased smartphone usage is, increase in mobile email open rates. A report by digital marketing company Knotice reveals that more than 20 percent of email opens occur on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

This offers a huge opportunity for you, because not many internet marketers have optimized their website for smartphones yet. Marketing how to experts believe that this is the right time for you to create emails that are both mobile and PC friendly.

Here are some guidelines on how to optimize your email for mobile devices.

Before embarking on this task of optimizing your email for mobile devices, marketing how to experts suggest that you work on making your website or blog mobile friendly.

Avoid multiple columns in your layout, as it is more likely to hamper the reading experience. It will be easier for smartphone users to scroll down while reading the content.

Experts recommend that you keep the column width around 320 to 520 pixels. Viewport Meta Tag helps you to scale your HTML email down to the size of the screen for iPhones. It does not distort the display on the PC.

It is advisable to keep the text size bigger; headlines at around 20 pixels and the body of the content around 15. It is important to remember that people are not using a mouse to click on the links.

Smartphone users find it difficult to tap on text links. It is advisable to use text buttons (44 x 44 pixels) or image based touch targets for linking to your site. Marketing how to experts suggest that you keep the email short; and to adhere to the basics. Ensure that your content is to the point. Include a strong call to action. People checking their email on their smartphone are more likely to be busy.

By implementing the above mentioned tips, you are sure to have an edge over your competitors.