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Marketing How To: How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Marketing How To: How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter is a popular social networking and micro-blogging site that enables you to send messages (up to 140 characters). Created in 2006, Twitter has more than 200 million users worldwide. Millions of messages are posted on Twitter every day. It is rightly called the “SMS of the internet”.

Over a period of time, Twitter has evolved into something more than just a messaging service. Twitter can be used as an effective marketing tool. Corporate giants like Intel, Dell, Intel and Amazon are using Twitter to engage their customers and to find prospective customers.

To start using Twitter, create a Twitter account with your brand name or business name as user name. Post regular updates regarding special offers and other promotional information.

Twitter offers you a great opportunity to keep your customer updated about your business. Post valuable information like product usage tips and trends in the market and the industry. While using Twitter it is important to consciously avid spamming.

People are using Twitter to share their joys and to vent out their frustrations. Twitter comes with a search engine that allows you to search for information. Marketing how to experts use this to check the reputation of their brand in the market and to get valuable feedback. Customer’s comments may generate profitable ideas for your business. It is a also a great way to know what your customer expects from your brand.

Twitter is not like your typical website. It is interactive. Sincere involvement is the key to success. Your customers and prospective customers will send you messages. You may receive appreciations, suggestions or complaints. Marketing how to experts recommend that you acknowledge each and every one of those messages. This practice will go a long way in adding to the credibility of the business. Lack of response will definitely have a negative impact on the business.

Twitter gives a human face to your brand and can have a huge positive impact on your business. It gives you an opportunity to tell your customers and prospective customers that you are there to help them. Dell has made effective use of Twitter for marketing its products and services. The company generated a total of $6.5 in revenue from its Twitter presence in the year 2009. Twitter should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy.