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Marketing How To: Top Clickbank Features That Increase Your Profits

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Marketing How To: Top Clickbank Features That Increase Your Profits

Clickbank is one of the leading retailers of digital products. It has helped many vendors and affiliates create huge amount of wealth. Affiliates can choose from tens of thousands of products to promote.

Clickbank has many amazing features that vendors and affiliates can use to enhance their income. Here is a brief overview of some of these features which have the potential to take your online business to the next level.


This feature was earlier known as One-Click Upsell. It allows vendors to pitch for additional products. After the customer would have confirmed the purchase, he/she is offered another product by being redirected to the upsell page. The customer can buy this product without having to enter the credit card details again.

Vendors can create the products as upsells. The advanced version of this feature enables you to present up to three consecutive upsell offers. It also offers the ability to downsell. In this scenario, if a customer intends to decline upsell, they may be offered with another product or the same product with a discount.

TID and VTID Tracking

TID is the tracking ID offered by Clickbank. It is a string of alpha numeric characters (maximum 24 characters) appended to the end of the Clickbank Hoplink. TID enables you to track your hoplinks. You can use as many TIDs as you wish. It helps you to understand where to focus your time and energy. You will know where your sales are coming from. Vendors can use VTID. The Vendor TID is appended to the paylink instead of the hoplink.

Joint Venture

Partnerships help affiliates and vendors increase their profits. The “Joint Venture” feature promotes profitable partnerships. This versatile feature is relatively new. It enables vendors to split their income with partners. It also allows them to promote products of other vendors as upsells. Using this awesome feature, vendors can offer two tier affiliate commissions. Using this feature, affiliates can partner together and split profits from their affiliate sales. This feature allows you to set contracts within your Clickbank account.

Clickbank is like an ocean with immense hidden treasures. With patience and persistence you can definitely create a huge amount of wealth with this internet behemoth.

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