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Marketing How To: Top Five CPA Networks

Marketing How To: Top Five CPA Networks

CPA (cost per action) is an online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying actions such as sales or registration. In a CPA model, the burden of risk is more on the publisher. The CPA model is an optimal and cost-effective way of increasing revenues without the risk associated with traditional marketing.

Here is a brief overview of the top five CPA networks.


With NeverBlue, you can run your campaign across the world’s largest CPA footprint. NeverBlue runs some of the most popular offers on the internet. It is well known for its rewards program. The offers are easy to find and sort. You can choose from more than 700 offers under 22 categories. The sign up process will not take more than five minutes. After submission of your information, it will be verified before approval.


ClickBooth CPA Network offers advertisers a one stop solution for scaling their affiliate marketing solutions. It is well known for ensuring significant returns for the advertisers by generating actions on a massive scale. Access to exclusive publishers enables advertisers to generate traffic.


MediaWhiz is dedicated to helping its clients acquire customers more profitably. It has been offering a high level of results for its clients consistently. In the year 2010, it generated more than two million quality leads each month and delivered two billion targeted display impressions per month across premium publisher sites.


MaxBounty has been offering its services since 2004. It is popular among internet marketers for its high quality client support. Advertisers can choose from its many offers. MaxBounty is well known for processing payments promptly and quickly. It also offers weekly payment options.


PeerFly is custom built from the ground up. It does not depend on unreliable hosted mechanics. It accepts publishers from all countries. PeerFly has served millions of clicks from the time it came to existence. Some of its customers have reported conversions on the very first day. Its user friendly interface is popular among successful marketers. Advertisers have appreciated its decent pay and reliable statistics.

With the above mentioned CPA networks, you are sure to take your online business to the next level.