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Marketing How To: Top SEO Myths Exposed

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Marketing How To: Top SEO Myths Exposed

More than two billion people use the internet today. Most of the usage begins with a search engine like Google. People are using these search engines extensively all over the world.

Successful internet marketers are spending their time, money and energy on optimizing (SEO) their website or blog for these search engines. SEO is the key for success in the internet world. You may have the best looking website with the content of the highest quality, but it will be useless if it does not attract any visitor.

SEO is defined as “a highly specialized process of building a successful website. There are many myths surrounding SEO. Here is a brief overview of some of them.

If you create a great content, it will automatically results in high page ranking

High quality content definitely adds immense value to your website; however, it will not ensure you higher page rankings. You need to optimize your website for your chosen keyword.

Age of your domain will have a major influence on your website ranking

The fact is that the age of your domain has minimum impact on your website ranking. The quality of your content, the level of keyword optimization and the number of backlinks determine the success of your website or blog.

Metatag clouds should be used as much as possible

Internet marketing experts believe that tag clouds have no positive impact on SEO at all. In fact they can cause harm if overused, because they may be confused as “keyword stuffing”.

Metakeywords have to be added to all your website pages

The fact is that Google does not even look at them. Instead of wasting your time on this useless activity, it is advisable to work on creating useful, interesting, entertaining and informative content for your readers. It is more likely to help your SEO.

The best way to rank high in various search engines is to do the basics right. Marketing how to experts suggest that you do the following.

Focus no creating high quality content. Choose a good keyword. Optimize your content for the chosen keyword. Keep the content fresh. Creating as many backlinks as possible on relevant websites and blogs.

By adhering to these basic principles, you are sure to improve your page rank soon.