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Brand Marketing – Krause Productions LLC

learn to market like a pro_j We offer over 25-years brand marketing, product development and technology history and a track record of solid accomplishments including pioneering new product development concepts and leveraging industry innovation to transform corporate vision into reality. Imagine every marketing dollar going farther, lasting longer and projecting the quality and innovation that create exciting re$ ult$ for […]


Winning Brand Marketing Strategies For Network Marketers

What are brand marketing strategies and how can utilizing brand marketing strategies help an online business? Just like a bricks and mortar business, an online business also needs to express a positive image to the consumer. In spite of what many people believe, branding is much more than creating a company logo and using a […]


Marketing Plans : What Is Brand Marketing?

Brand marketing is the culmination of all the businesses efforts, not just the logo of the product or service. Learn more about brand marketing with tips from a marketing professional in this free video about creating a marketing plan. Expert: Peggy Morgan Collins Contact: Bio: Peggy Collins is a marketing executive with more than […]