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Marketing Careers – Top 10 International Marketing Jobs

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Sales marketing is the newest and the hottest international marketing job today. What started as a local exposure exercise quickly became a hot job in the international market. The reasons are not hard to guess though – international businesses are banking on local networks and contacts to make it big in the overseas businesses. Combining […]


Sales and Marketing Jobs : Industry Overview

Making a career change or new to the industry? Visit for the best jobs in the sales and marketing sectors. Lindsey Myerscough, Major Players Recruiter for Private Sector Marketing Jobs offers an overview to the working within the industry, from salaries to career development opportunities, entry requirements and more. Not got time for a […]


Marketing Manager Jobs – How to Succeed as a Marketing Manager

The duty of a marketing manager is to develop a base of customers who will do business with the company. He is responsible for formulating the marketing plan of a company. A marketing manager is assisted by assistants, product development manager, and by a market research team. The job of a marketing manager requires the […]


Marketing How To: New York City Sales & Marketing Executive Jobs. Are you looking for a sales and marketing job in NYC?

Marketing How To: New York Sales & Marketing Jobs Are you one of the thousands of out of work New York sales and marketing executives? Are you feeling depressed about your current financial situation? Are you spending way too much time hanging around the house bored out of your mind? Are you willing to try a […]